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spacerMiroslawa Witalis, ND, MS, CHANP, CCH ~ Naturopathic & Restorative Medicine
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My practice focuses on healing the whole body and mind through innovative natural medicine —specializing in relieving pain, neurological diseases, and mental health and learning disorders. I work closely with my patients to correct and prevent these conditions along with related issues such as:

  • nervous system, mood, memory, and cognitive disorders (autism, ADD, etc.)
  • mobility impairments (arthritis, fatigue, etc.)
  • postural deformities
  • pain and joint ailments
  • sleep disorders
  • environmental toxicities
  • chronic infections
  • skin diseases
  • digestive and circulatory diseases
  • hormone imbalances
  • allergies and immune disorders
  • weight problems


Patient Story ~ Mini Case Study

A 52 year old woman came to me after suffering 30 years with asthma, seasonal allergies, respiratory infections, and related chronic fatigue. Prednisone and antibiotics were of little help and gave her severe side effects. She also had chronic lower back and leg pain from a herniated disc.

Our goal was to help improve her breathing without medication and enable her to meet all challenges of her physically and mentally demanding profession while enjoying a high quality of life.

Over four months of intensive treatment, she regained full and lasting respiratory health, eliminated her asthma and allergies, and dramatically improved her resistance to respiratory infections. She also healed her body pains and fatigue, and restored healthy sleep. As an extra bonus, her singing voice regained a significant increase in strength and vibrancy.

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"I was in acute distress when I came to Dr. Witalis. After my treatments I was breathing better within a week, and over time we resolved many issues I had suffered my entire adult life. In addition, she successfully treated my back so I no longer needed a chiropractor.

I feel strengthened in body, soul and spirit. I've referred many friends and family to Dr. Witalis, each with complex health issues. All have received the same individualized care with emphasis on wholeness."

—CHD, Edmonds, WA



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