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spacerMiroslawa Witalis, ND, MS, CHANP, CCH ~ Naturopathic & Restorative Medicine
Abutilon by Karl Blossfeldt  Restoring your whole health and well being

I welcome you to contact me for a free, confidential consultation so we can learn about each other and how I might help you.


(206) 525 – 0599


send email to restore (at)

Office hours:

By appointment.
Early mornings, evenings, and weekends available.


Northgate Professional Center
10212 – 5th Avenue NE, Suite 201
Seattle, WA  98125       Google Map


Important Disclaimer Regarding Security of Your Personal Health Information

To protect your privacy for any personal health or medical information shared between you and your physician, HIPAA Security Rules require that certain safeguards be in place.  “Protected health information” (PHI) generally refers to your demographics, medical history, test/lab results, insurance information and other data that a healthcare professional collects to identify you and determine appropriate care.

You play an important role in protecting your personal health information from unlawful or fraudulent access. When contacting me, please remember the folliowing:


  • Discuss only the minumum PHI necessary (we can cover details in person).
  • Avoid calling from public areas where confidential conversation may be overheard.
  • Call from a landline if possible as wifi connections are less secure.


  • Only fax PHI if postal mail, FedEx, or in-person delivery are not available or practical.
  • Use only a secure fax connection, and include only the minimum PHI necessary.


  • Please do not use email for sensitive or urgent matters.
  • Email is appropriate for scheduling appointments, and general topics such as questions about prescribed medication and requests for medication refills.
  • For information that could be considered sensitive, it is safer to include it in a PDF document attached to the email.
  • Note that even if you initiate email contact with me, I will not respond without your written consent to do so.

NOTE: The most sensitive personal health information that should never be sent by fax or email includes: data related to alcohol or drug abuse, mental health issues, HIV testing, antigens indicating hepatitis infection, sexually transmitted diseases (STD), or presence of malignancy.

Thank you for your cooperation in helping me protect your personal information from any unlawful access and use against your best interest.