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Adiantum pedatum by Karl Blossfeldt  Patient Stories

"Dr. Witalis is brilliant and she absolutely saved my life and my sanity!

I had a complete health crash which resulted in a couple years of traditional healthcare nightmare. I was so ill and in such severe pain I had become un-functional physically and mentally. Crippling anxiety also became part of my life. Life became an endless and humiliating pursuit of appointments and hope for relief. So many tests, so many referrals, so many medicines that made me worse. There was no clear explanation or resolution. I was at a point of not knowing if I was more afraid to die or to not die.

Dr. Witalis was a very different experience right from the start. She spent a lot of time truly listening and understanding my issues. I was fairly new to naturopathic medicine, many things seemed strange to me but I sensed a competence and sureness in her that gave me hope.

After doing my first ever cleanse and getting all the tests from blood work, etc., the magic begins. The best thing is that it is not really magic - it is a high level of knowledge and logic, combined with intuition and compassion and an amazing ability to sift through it all to arrive at solutions. A combination of nutrition, supplements and natural medicines had some immediate good results, other issues took longer but I had continuous improvement.

I remain amazed by this journey I had. From a hopeless place of complete misery and pain to guarded hope to steps of continuous improvement. Now that I have recovered and have resumed living and working and playing, I am forever grateful and actually wowed – I can move! I can think! I have energy! There are moments when I seriously want to break into the Rocky victory song.

I thank Dr. Witalis from the bottom of my heart for giving me back a life!"

—M.L., Seattle, WA


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