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Adiantum pedatum by Karl Blossfeldt  Patient Stories

“When I developed a bulge on my left hip and was in extreme pain, the doctor gave me heavy-duty painkillers, anti-inflammatory meds, and crutches. The next morning I hobbled into the office of Dr. Witalis. She confirmed the diagnosis (trochanteric bursitis), and in 15 minutes of her treatment, I stood up virtually pain free, able to walk and even jump on the affected leg. Even minor discomfort disappeared within a week with two more treatments.

Dr. Witalis not only relieved my pain but she discovered the cause of my injury and educated me on how to prevent it in the future without limiting my sports activities. I was back to a vigorous exercise regime after one week, resumed long-distance running in week 3, and have remained pain-free since. Every experience with Dr Witalis is amazing and I leave feeling healthier and stronger after each visit.”

—G.J., Bellevue, WA


“I’m a woman in my 50’s, and have struggled with chronic problems my whole adult life. Other doctors have recommended surgery (hysterectomy, gall bladder removal). With Dr. Witalis’s perceptive and individualized approach, I now experience the physical, emotional, and mental energy I had 30 years ago, and wellness that far surpasses my expectations. How am I achieving this?  By following her treatment that includes supplements, restorative injection therapies, homeopathy, and occasional manual therapy, as well as Dr. Witalis’s advice that reaches far beyond just diet and exercise. Thank you, Dr. Witalis!”

—C.P.R., Tacoma, WA


“Over a period of years I was subjected to a recurring trauma. The shock of this affected my entire health, and I developed a severe, extremely itchy rash over most of my body. No doctor was able to heal it, and what they did give me only aggravated my condition. As a result, I was unable to sleep and grew increasingly desperate.

Dr. Witalis found the way to fully eradicate my rash and completely restore my health through a carefully chosen treatment. I shall be ever grateful for her sensitivity and ability in finding the right cure for my debilitating condition for which I could find no relief elsewhere.“

—A.H., Seattle, WA


“For years, my typical view of health was the absence of sickness, if nothing is 'wrong.' Dr. Witalis’s view is quite different. She insists that you actively lay claim to a high state of vigor. For years my blood had been close to anemic, and complaints to my old doctor about 'low energy' were met with reminders that I should expect this at age 60. Dr. Witalis would have none of that. Her analysis was simple: improve my digestion to increase my absorption of nutrients.

Over 9 months I visited her 3 times, and under her guidance, my diet has changed, I take supplements, my energy level has increased, I exercise more, weigh 20 pounds less —and I feel 10 years younger. She is a knowledgeable and persuasive advocate for you to be at the peak of your being.“

—J. R., Tacoma, WA


“Our son, who has intractable epilepsy, has been on medications and seizure-control diet since he was only a few months old. However, we had never been able to get his health stable, and when our son was 3, we found Dr. Witalis. He also suffered from chronic anemia, which doctors had told us was typical for him. But Dr. Witalis changed all that.

After 6 months of careful nutritional support, our son’s blood levels were completely normal for the first time in his life! As he nears age 5, our son's growth is improved, he finally has a full head of hair, and his overall color and energy is better. Dr. Witalis has taken a great deal of time to find the best treatment options for him. She is completely committed to helping our entire family. We very highly recommend Dr. Witalis for any child or adult who needs care outside of mainstream Western medicine.“

—Leeman Family, Seattle, WA


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