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spacerMiroslawa Witalis, ND, MS, CHANP, CCH ~ Naturopathic & Restorative Medicine
Aconite by Karl Blossfeldt  Restoring your whole health and well being

As a naturopathic doctor, I focus on two healing goals:


To help my patients overcome chronic and seemingly untreatable diseases and mental health disorders, by using an innovative blend of natural and integrative therapies.


To help prevent illness in body and mind, and assist my patients in achieving optimal wellness for a happy, fulfilled, healthy life.

I specialize in relieving pain, neurological diseases, mood and learning disorders, and treat many chronic or degenerative conditions that may underlie them, such as diabetes, arthritis, digestive problems, immunological and hormone imbalances, skin problems, chronic infections and toxicities, and insomnia.


Personalized care to support your self-healing

My approach focuses on restorative medicine, which assists, readjusts, and retrains the innate self-healing mechanisms in the body and mind. Using systemic and constitutional therapies along with highly specialized treatments, I help patients reverse illness and restore wellness.

I offer highly personalized care for patients of all ages.

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